Chiology™ teaches a joyful and alignment-based approach to yoga, motivated by athleticism, creativity and fun. We invite you to come “home” to the body through mindfulness and wonderment.

We have over 640 muscles in the body, but we typically only use 60 of them! Chiology™ teaches how to access more of the body. We are so much more capable than we believe ourselves to be.

Whether you’re in a beginner or advanced class, the instruction will gently guide you to focus on the whole being. While working through postures, you may also consider:

What’s my breath doing? Am I peaceful? Am I working from my potential? Am I involved in my own growth? Can I feel the love in my heart as I expand? Can I experience my organs as they are put in a precarious position? Can I feel safe?

Drawing from his training in a Korean monastery, several decades of healing arts, three black belts in various martial arts, and an RYS certification, Joseph offers a variety of techniques for whatever the student needs to grow in her or his life.

Detail to form is a priority in Chiology™ and students only go at the pace in which they can maintain their technique: variations of big toe, bandhas, breath and observation of the internal.

Private lessons, group sessions, and corporate classes are available. Please see calendar below for upcoming group classes.