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Chiology™ teaches a joyful and alignment-based approach to yoga, motivated by athleticism, creativity and fun. We invite you to come “home” to the body through mindfulness and wonderment.

We have over 640 muscles in the body, but we typically only use 60 of them! Chiology™ teaches how to access more of the body. We are so much more capable than we believe ourselves to be.

Whether you’re in a beginner or advanced class, the instruction will gently guide you to focus on the whole being. While working through postures, you may also consider:

What’s my breath doing? Am I peaceful? Am I working from my potential? Am I involved in my own growth? Can I feel the love in my heart as I expand? Can I experience my organs as they are put in a precarious position? Can I feel safe?

Drawing from his training in a Korean monastery, several decades of healing arts, three black belts in various martial arts, and an RYS certification, Joseph offers a variety of techniques for whatever the student needs to grow in her or his life.

Detail to form is a priority in Chiology™ and students only go at the pace in which they can maintain their technique: variations of big toe, bandhas, breath and observation of the internal.

Private lessons, group sessions, and corporate classes are available. Please see calendar below for upcoming group classes.


Restorative Yoga

Energetically and physically rejuvenating, Restorative Yoga decreases stress with the possibility of addressing injury.

This class combines yoga and ancient healing arts. Learn about your body’s meridians and how to release tension through stretching and specific contact with pressure points.

Rooted in Hatha yoga, this high-intensity practice moves through a Vinyasa (sequence).

This class has a gentle flow approach for elders and people with disability. Don’t let your limitations stop you from getting the benefits of yoga!

A class designed to discover one’s internal strength through energy locks, or “bandhas”. We focus on 4 specific bandhas: Mula, Uddiyana, Jalandhara, and Maha.

Hollotropic Breathwork

Utilizing ancient Vedic techniques, this class teaches one how to efficiently detox, increase energy output and lung capacity and discover conscious breath (as opposed to autonomic breath). 

It also helps regulate left and right hemispheres of the brain and teaches awareness of how our breathing affects our mental and emotional perspective.

Posture and hips

This class teaches an effective mind/body posture method (please note: this is not yoga based!). 

Its focus is on proper alignment from head-to-toe for ease in daily activity, such as sitting, standing, walking, driving and sleeping.

Private class and consultation

The benefit to a private class is that the individual’s need can be understood. Perhaps her or his head leans too far forward, certain muscles are over-developed, etc. 

Private lessons allow the student and teacher to focus solely on his or her body. Contact Joseph for a private class.


Kirtan stems from the classical Indian music genre, “raag” and is traditionally played with a sitar, harmonium and tablas. Kirtan is a communal, participatory practice that is all about expressing your joy for The Divine.

Kirtan means “to praise the exalted” and is performed in a group as a call-and-response. It’s an invitation for a congregation to be more than just observers. Once the group starts to sing, there becomes a camaraderie of gratitude and an appreciation for life.

The primary purpose of Kirtan is for participants to get involved in songs of praise. Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself a singer. During Kirtan, you’re never “off key”. You’re just in “your key.”

Kirtan promotes dancing with the deities of pleasure, love and gratitude. Singing is said to be 10 times more powerful than speaking. And dancing is said to be 20 times more powerful than standing!

Chiology™ incorporates Kirtan in classes as an accompaniment to yoga, or as evening events where people gather to enjoy the experience of praising our highest magnificence.

An hour of singing praises to the divine Great Spirit, filled with nurturing sound, community and mind/body restoration. Please refer to Kirtan description below for more information. Join us!



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