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Joseph and Natalia have a holistic family practice with 42 years of experience. They help clients with physical, mental and emotional pain.

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“Chi” is a Chinese word meaning “vital life force manifesting in countless ways.” Chi exists in every moment – all around us and within us – and is the basis of all phenomenon in the universe. When Chi condenses, it takes on physical shapes we identify as nature. Each variation of Chi is just one aspect of the whole concept. In other words, we are all parts of a whole – everything is connected!

The purpose of Chiology™ is to study, feel and experience the many aspects of Chi on conscious, subconscious and spiritual levels.

Our bodies contain several energy pathways that feed life into all of our cells. When Chi gets blocked or cut off from its natural pathway, we call this, “stagnant Chi.” Stagnant Chi can express itself as discomfort, imbalance or pain.

Chiology™ provides health-oriented techniques that support each client on his or her journey as they become aware of their true selves or higher nature.* By understanding energy meridians in the human body, we can work to restore the body’s balance and flow.

In this sense, “Chi” also means “Creating Holistic Intuition.” When we become aware of how our own life force works, we start to awaken to a natural wisdom and our own true magnificence.

The foundation of Chiology™ draws from the ancient concepts of yoga, meditation, martial arts and healing arts. Whether a client is receiving energy work or instruction from a yoga class, Chiology™ teaches its practitioners how to stabilize, stimulate and enhance Chi in all circumstances of daily life.

The results can promote flexibility and harmony as well as overall performance and growth.* As Joseph puts it, “I’m good at teaching people to be proficient with their energy, very quickly.”

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