"I was diagnosed with tonsil cancer. The first time I came, I was in the depths of real despair. Joseph just touched a couple of pressure points on me and a big breath went through me and released a lot of pent-up energy. It sounds crazy, but it was very real."


“I came down with a serious blood disease and almost had my legs amputated. My doctor told me I would be on blood pressure meds all my life. I started working with Joseph and felt relief immediately. Seven years later, I’ve been taken off medication."


"This is my way of staying healthy. I buy health insurance but seeing Joseph is my secret weapon. I’ve changed my life and now do things to make it better because of what Joseph taught me."


“I had an auto-immune issue and had lost all the hair on my body. Joseph introduced me to method that was inherent, very natural… and my hair came back.”


“Joseph [showed] me how to take care of myself, which was amazing, because I hadn’t done that for so long. He’s truly there to help.”


"I came to Joseph a year and a half ago and it’s totally transformed my life. I had issues with my back. I had gone to a chiropractor and a doctor but it didn't help. I was just living with chronic pain. Now I don’t have issues with my back anymore."


"Four days ago, I fall from a ladder and I this, um, two of my ear, two of my ribs, and I couldn't even laugh. Normally it's sneezing coffee. He comes walking in and he's like, he's like, I'm, I'm okay. I'm alright. I really don't need any help, but I, my wife made me come. I'm alright. That's how he was, right. And I'm like, yeah, yeah, sure."


"I got pancreatic cancer and they had taken out half my stomach. I came to Joseph hunched over and I walked out straight. People don’t survive PC, but it’s been over 10 years for me. I don’t describe what he does; I describe the results – the extraordinary path that we’ve all taken – and that speaks for itself."


"You just start talking and what feels like a conversation is actually Joseph working on you, tuning into you and very subtly engaging you and coming to understand why you’re there. There’s an aura around him and his space. It’s grounding and reaffirming and helps instill stillness."


"I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In addition to my doctors, Joseph had a full spectrum approach to my diet, posture, energy that made a huge difference. The new way I was using my body felt like I had a different connection to it."


"I had headaches that would knock me for a loop for 24 hours. Through different pressure points and hydration, the headaches got to be less and less and now it's been a long time since I had one."


“I suffered from extreme migraines and was on 60mg Oxycodone, 3 times a day. After months [with Joseph], that went down to nothing.”


"I got diagnosed with prostate cancer, early stages. In addition to seeking medical treatment, I started working with Joe and my levels came back to within a normal range."


"I came to Joseph after I herniated a disc in my back. And now, I have my dog coming to him. She’s a client…I see a huge energy shift. You’d never know anything is wrong with her."


"I needed help with my posture. I had been seeing a chiropractor but nothing helped. Joseph took one look and said, 'You’re off balance. If you put your pelvis out more, you’d stand up straight.' No one had ever been able to help me before. I started coming to see him regularly."


"I call it woo-woo magic that works. It’s amazing. I would describe it as being able to read my body and to know where the energy flow is off or on, or redirect it... I refer to it just as energy healing, but that’s very surface as it seems like it transcends a lot further."


“No matter what is wrong with you, you will feel better after a session. I had a 9mm herniation in my lower back. I was at the point where I was crawling. I would recommend anybody who has anything wrong to come see Joseph.”


“I’m a prostate cancer survivor. When I went to see Joseph, the results were amazing. My doctors said, ‘You’re a star patient…'”


"I was having back pain, I couldn’t stand or sit for more than 5 minutes. I got introduced to Joseph and it evolved from there. Now I have absolutely zero back pain. And now I can pretty much fix any outstanding issue myself because Joseph taught me how."